The Irish National road cycling championships in Wexford this week is a fantastic opportunity for emerging club cyclists who aim to be  professional.

Derek Webb and his team have designed a great course worthy of a champion.

The healthy Irish professional scene gives the male and female club cyclists great opportunities  to take on the pros. Every young Irish cyclist who has ambition to be a great cyclist should be looking forward to racing this race.

For  some this might be a short lived experience. The professionals usually try to get a break away  early in the race then use their exceptional speed and endurance to work together to stay away to the end. Video Nicolas Roche 2016

Stepping stone

However For young cyclists who aspire to be very good cyclists , this race could be a stepping stone to much higher performances.

Learning from the pro cyclists

What might they learn? Well the first thing will be how fast the good pros can go. Then they will learn how long they can go at those speeds for.

This can have a couple of different effects on the club cyclist. It can be I’ll never get to that level! Or it can  be WOW HOW DO I GET TO THAT LEVEL!

The cyclists who take the second approach if serious and have the required ability, will then do everything legally possible to get to the level. This will probably entail having to train more and train smarter. Living a sporting  lifestyle and be very dedicated to improving their  ability to perform well in bike races.

Personal resilience

They will need some support. But most of all will need personal resilience to keep pushing on through many challenges.

So imagine the scenario and I do  think some of it is this simple. A club rider hops away in an  attack with a professional. The club rider is waiting for the pro to pull over to let him or her through.. The professional keeps going at the same speed.


Then the penny drops, this is the pros cruising speed!. This is the crunch moment. He or she thinks how can I ever be that good, or ….I am going to try to be that good! Their future performances in cycling could be determined at that moment.

Have a great race

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