Lucan CRC Dublin Cycling Club

In preparation for the 2015 season Lucan CRC engaged Peak Endurance and Paddy Doran to support 3 objectives for the club. To set up a coaching and performance framework in the club, to oversee and prepare group and individual training programmes for our Junior team and to do similar for our Rás senior team.
We are absolutely delighted with the outcomes on all 3 fronts. Paddy worked closely with the club coaches and riders to produce yearly, monthly and weekly programmes tailored to each riders individual levels and experiences. All the elements you would expect were there but what Paddy brings is his experience and insight into how the programmes are working, advising on adaptations and adjustments according to the riders’ feedback and performances. Thanks to this our juniors had a very successful year with each rider securing numerous results and each showing significant improvement in the major races. Our Rás team, who were all riding their first Rás, arrived at the start well prepared and 4 of the 5 finished the event, with one succumbing to sickness, a fantastic achievement. Paddy ensured the programmes are practical, enjoyable and varied with a combination of power, heart rate and common sense based sessions.
The club coaches learned a tremendous amount through Paddy’s mentoring as he gives freely of his knowledge on structural, physiological, technical and mental aspects of Cycling. We will continue to work with Paddy in the future at a club and individual rider level and I have no hesitation in recommending Paddy’s and Peak Endurance services to clubs or cyclists who are looking for practical, realistic and achievable coaching advice and performance improvement.
John Priest on behalf of LCRC

Mark O Callaghan Cyclist A 1 Category

I have improved consistently the whole time I have been with Paddy. I started 2015 as an A3 and moved quickly up to an A1 by May. This was all done in the same year I did my Leaving Certificate exam where I achieved 560 points. His structured training allowed me the time and commitment to do both study and training side by side. Before I was with Paddy I was putting in just as much effort but not seeing the benefits.
Mark O Callaghan
[/us_testimonial][us_testimonial author=”RYAN REILLY ” company=”U23 and Student”]Ryan Reilly Foyle CC. U23 and Student
I approached Paddy for coaching advice when I was a second year junior cyclist. I was new to cycling, having been riding with the local cycling club group rides for about 8 months and at that time had only competed in 3 open races finishing in the main bunch.

With the expert advice and training plans from Paddy , my riding and racing improved and I was able to be competitive in races, taking wins in open races both at home and abroad in France.

When injured in the early part of one race season Paddy has coached me back to race fitness, developing coaching and nutrition plans that allowed me to fully recover and get back to racing quickly, progressing from A3 to A1 and international racing. I never felt any pressure to have to win and Paddy was always available with guidance when I felt my performance was lacking, encouraging me to think and reflect on the races.

I am a full time student, living away from home, and Paddy’s training schedules are developed to fit in with my course allowing me time to train, study and relax. My nutritional plan from Crionna helps to aid my recovery from training and to keep me healthy for training.

Ciaran Power Professional Cyclist

As soon as I started working with paddy I immediately noticed a difference. Paddy really gave my training a focus .
Each session was part of a jigsaw. We were adding it as part of the bigger picture. As I worked harder with Paddy’s structured training I would feel stronger and stronger.
Realising that resting at the right times would allow my body and mind To recover allowed me have the confidence to train harder at the right times with feedback from Paddy.
Over a 10 year period being coached by paddy I reached my goals every time and won most of the best races in Ireland and had some great results abroad. Thanks to hard work and constant contact with Paddy I went on to win the Ras twice. Also I still have the highest placing of an Irish road cyclist ever in the Olympic road Race.

Ciaran Power
Physical Therapy
And Sports Injury Clinic
087 2154797

Sean Lacey International Cyclist

Making initial contact with Paddy Doran was without a doubt the best decision I have made since starting cycling.
I have been working with Paddy since I was a Junior, in 2000, and have come to rely on his advice as an invaluable part of my training.
Paddy’s background as a former international cyclist, his extensive experience with working with world-class cyclists and the way they think and operate, and his ability to think outside the box all raise my level of thinking about cycling and training regimes every time we talk.
Paddy’s approach to coaching is not just about the professional, but takes all of my goals in life into account in helping me make the best decisions and adopt the best approaches for my cycling.
The best testament to his coaching may be that as issues come up that I want input on, his voice is inside my head telling me the questions to ask, how to approach the issue, and asking me what I want from the outcome.
Paddy’s coaching style is to constantly ask questions to help me work through the issue – he listens exceptionally well! Then he provides his perspective. Paddy is professional, thoughtful, experienced, grounded and real.
I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I started looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help me guide and focus my training. I would recommend Paddy to any cyclist I know who wants to increase their knowledge and level in a manner that’s consistent with what they want from life — whether you are a leisure cyclist, or at the early stages of competiveness or a top domestic/international rider!


I approached Paddy after reading article on one of the Cycling Ireland websites a few years back seeking some advice. His experience in the cycling world is second to none and I had confidence knowing what he advised was going to put me on the right path.I have improved over the years and it’s people like Paddy who can take some credit for that. As an athlete it is important to surround yourself with positive enthusiastic people and Paddy certainly ticks both those boxes.

Bernie Mc Nally Brennan Triathlete

I started training with Paddy in early 2013 when had a long road ahead of me. My goal for 2013 was the Age Group Triathlon World Championships in September in London. I needed to improve all three disciplines.
My overall goal was the finish the race comfortably, having given all that I could. Other years I had ‘self coached’ myself, precariously balancing burnout and workouts. I would go though phases of doing far too much when I felt good, then burning out soon after, not able to train at all.
Paddy helped me juggle quality training sessions in between work, commuting and other commitments. He took a holistic approaching to my training, noting many external factors that might impact on workouts, that I would not have even noticed.
His realistic training plan allowed the flexibility for me to train where and when suited me, building up to a level of fitness and ability that I had not experienced before. Race times improved and recovery time quickened.
I looked forward to the early alarm or lunchtime so that I could get a training session in between work. Feedback from performance in races and training sessions provided helpful insights into areas of improvement.
Above all else, Paddy helped me focus on the importance of recovery and rest. I no longer felt guilty for lying on the couch the odd evening!
Paddy would arrange to meet up to see how my training was progressing, noting everything from my running and pedalling style, posture and bike set up, always providing helpful tips.
I’m not one for figures, so Paddy understood that how I felt during a race or training session was a more important gauge of my progress to me.
Paddy’s intuition meant that he could tell me when I was doing too much or when I needed to do more. I would highly recommend Paddy as a coach who, with a wealth of coaching experience, manages to keep me motivated and looking forward to every workout.

Siobhan Horgan Professional and international cyclist

I am so grateful that I found Paddy Doran. I had been cycling just over a year when Paddy became my coach and within a few short months I was signed to Lotto-Belisol Ladies team. In my opinion Paddy is the ‘go-to’ man in Ireland for anything cycling related. He has worked with every category at this stage and that experience shows. Paddy is always available for a chat and advice in addition to being a coach. He brought me from a mediocre club level rider to a rider capable of riding competitively in the world championships. He tailored my coaching specifically to me and he frequently helped me understand myself more as a person and an athlete, which helped me navigate the stressful training period before big races like the world championship. . He is exceptionally calm and straightforward, very patient and I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Philip Broderick Etape Cyclist

I would like to give a big thank you to Paddy at Peak Endurance for helping me achieve my cycling goals for 2014.I am a 36 year old male cyclist with a young family and full time job.
My main goal for 2014 was to improve my finishing position in the Etape du Tour (last year’s Etape using a generic training plan I finished 2500) my other goals were to improve my time for the Wicklow 200 and to start competing in the cycling events that I took part in instead of just hoping to survive without bonking.
Using Paddy’s methods has improved my performance dramatically.
This year I was able to better my time in the Wicklow 200 by 1hr 30mins and even more satisfying was finishing in the top 700 of the Etape du Tour even though it was longer and tougher than last year’s Etape (The experience of racing through the towns of France during the Etape on closed road with some very good cyclist and the local townspeople cheering on will be a much cherished memory of mine for the rest of my life). (NOTE: Philip again finished in the first 700 in 2015 Etape on a brutal day of climbs and 40 degree heat)
These results were achieved not by massively increasing my training hours but by following Paddy’s well structured plan which included precise and quality sessions tailored to suit me and my available training time.
I have previously purchased generic training plans from the internet but I never seem to improved my performance or achieved any great results
Comparing the two different training plans I found Paddy’s plan left me feeling stronger and less fatigued which helped me to achieve more consistent training.[/us_testimonial