Sports Nutrition

Updated 3rd June 2020

Excellent Nutrition is key to good health and consistent performance in cycling events. As a coach to endurance athletes for many years here a few principles that I recommend to athlete to follow about nutrition.

Principle Number 1:

Have a healthy approach to Nutrition. Be relaxed while being disciplined about your diet.  Enjoy your food and if you have treats that you like have them within your balanced diet.

Principle number 2 :

Get your sports Nutrition information from Accredited sports Nutritionists / dietitians who are the experts.

Principle Number 3:

Don’t listen to people who are not qualified to give nutrition advice or nutrition programmes. Your health and sports performance is too important to let someone ruin it with poor advice.

Principle number 4:

Invest in your own learning of the subject either make contact with an accreddited sport nutritionist in your area or buy a really good book written by a Qualified Nutrition expert

Principle number 5:

Develop good habits for your general diet. If it means getting up a bit earlier to have a good breakfast do so.

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