Updated 7th December 2019

Yesterday on stage 14 of the Tour De France Sam Bennett was placed 12th. Considering what he had endured from the first day of the Tour this was a great result in my opinion.

The mass pileup in the first stage sprint left him severely injured and doubtful of even beginning the next stage.

Courage and resilience

He has shown immense courage and resilience battling his way through the last two horrific weeks.

Racing with the best cyclists in the World in the biggest race in the world is hard enough without struggling with major injuries and pain as well.

He had struggled to make the cut off time  for a number of days. He was obviously sore and injured quite badly. I imagine lack of sleep didn’t help his recovery especially for the first week of the Tour.

Morale and confidence

Yesterdays result will surely have increased his morale and confidence for the next sprint stages.

His team seem to give great support and believe in his ability. He will be surely very hungry for a result after the tough few weeks he has had.

Yesterdays 12th place could be the little result that leads to a big result before the Tour finishes.

Sleep, recovery

Hopefully he will now be sleeping well and waking up refreshed each morning. He could be looking forward to the start line with increased confidence and fitness for the next week.

There are still a couple of stages where his sprinting skills can be displayed. Tomorrow is one that should be very exciting with some cobbles close to the final sprint.

Last rest Day

Then there’s a rest day to recharge the batteries before the last climbing stages. A lie in short recovery spin?

Final mountain stages

These will be a few days of the Bus for Sam and the rest of the sprinters. Crazy descending speeds to make up time lost on the climbs, and great co operation to get everyone home before the time limit is reached.


Then the last chance for the sprinters is the Final stage to Paris. Wouldn’t a high placing for Sam Bennett be a worthy reward for his efforts, courage and resilience over the duration of the Tour.

He has proven that he can sprint with the best on numerous occasions.

So lets hope he gets the opportunity and has the form during the last of the sprinters stages.

to finish, a quote “Its easy to do anything in Victory, its in defeat that a man reveals himself.” [ Floyd Patterson World Heavyweight Boxing Champion ]

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