Updated 26th March 2019.

Looking at the results of the Irish Cyclists the last few years there will have to be some serious improvements by the home based cyclists if they are to be successful.

Great performances Poor Results

Quite poor from the results point of view but no doubt some great personal achievements. And stories of huge effort from the Irish competitors  who are part time cyclists with careers or study demands.

Can we make it great performances great results for 2019?

Results tell us that, a good number of the home cyclists who compete in Ras Na mBan are not as well prepared as they could be.

Races Like Ras Na mBan must be approached in a very professional way. Everything must be geared towards getting the cyclist into top form For the Race. How the rider prepares will depend on the characteristics of the  riders and Course.

Training and racing comparison

A lot of the cyclists racing in Ras Na mBan go on to represent their country in the World Road Championships which is always close to Ras Na mBan.

Its probably no coincidence that the last few that Ras na Mban has had a British cycling team that included riders who were going on to the Worlds.

Peaking plan

THe Ras is probably being used to sharpen up the British riders before the Worlds. Ras na mBan Stage distances are shorter compared to the Worlds road race which was 156  Kilometres in 2018. That’s Ideal for final Preparation for the Worlds

THe leaders and winners in the Ras generally have a strong racing programme getting in a lot of international level races throughout the season.

Simulating international races

There is a need to simulate some of these races if a home based cyclist is to be successful. Its possible but will take lots of hard work and dedication. Maybe a totally different approach for some cyclists. Can you change your approach?

Analysis is key to progression, where are the improvements going to be found?

Where are the improvements going to be found? You could begin with an Analysis of your current training. Einstein is supposed to have said something along the lines of “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results is madness”  How good do you want to be and how hard and smart are you prepared to work?

Make the changes for 2019 Paddy Doran High Performance cycling coach

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