Updated 26th November 2019

Great stretching exercises. No need to be tight and sore after your training anymore.

Another excellent video all the way from Spain by Olympian Cathal Moynihan. Bringing all his experience to produce an enjoyable and informative video on stretching..

Cathal and peak endurance coaching is delighted to bring this to Irish cyclists free.

Read the piece below before following a stretching plan

Stretching is largely neglected by cyclists but flexibility is also one of the biggest limiting factors for achieving and maintaining your most powerful bike position.

The long hours spent in the saddle coupled with the repetitive nature of cycling create imbalance throughout the entire body.

This is due to both muscle tightness and strength/length discrepancies between antagonistic muscle groups.

A consistent stretching routine can help counteract these problems and may also help realize tangible health and performance benefits including:

  • Improved ability to achieve and maintain a powerful/aerodynamic position
  • Prevent loss of elasticity due to aging
  • May help avoid overuse injuries
  • Reduce general aches and pains
  • Improved posture
  • Speed up recovery between training sessions

We have put together a post-ride stretching sequence for you to follow. Each of the 7 stretches should be held for 10-15 seconds and then each repeated 2-3 times as required.

Every individual has a varying level of flexibility and should therefore only stretch within their comfort zone.

Our entire stretching sequence should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Alternatively, if time is an issue, the stretches can be done in isolation or performed in smaller chunks but always after exercise.

Performing any static stretching sequence prior to a long warm-up or workout is not advisable.

As with all fitness training, consistency is key, so aim to complete the sequence a minimum of 2 times per week. You should start seeing and feeling results within 3-4 weeks. Give it a go!   Cathals Stretching for cyclists Here

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