THis article was written in August 2015, its always interesting to look back and see how Irish riders develop over a number of years.

A week of medals, record and Jerseys for Ireland emerging Cycling talent?

Beginning today could be one of the greatest weeks to date for young Irish cyclists and the cycling Ireland high performance development programme

An Irish squad begins racing today in The European track cycling championships.

The great Scott Junior Tour of Ireland which also begins today gives another set of opportunities for Irish riders to race against International level competition/

That there is a significant number of junior male riders at the European track Championships and still a very strong Irish team included in the Scott  junior Tour demonstrates the healthy strength in depth that is now building in Irish cycling.

This week could see Ireland come home from the European championships with new records across the board and a number of medals are possible.

Then if there’s an Irish Cyclist in the yellow Jersey when the Junior Tour finishes on Sunday that will surely be a great week for Irish Cycling and optimism for the future years.

The European championships Squads have some riders who have already proven they can compete at the very top level,

int track 2Josie Knight and Mark Downey have already medalled at these championships as juniors and could win medals at U23.

Michael O Loughlin has proven he can race and produce world class time trials. That ability could transfer to the track really well. Eoin Mullen ((PHOTO) is another proven rider for the sprint events and can medal.

There is also a mix of experience and youth in the team and some of the younger team members could spring some surprises as well.

JOSIE KNIGHT I_D2C3259f we look at the times of the junior and Under 23 womens Euro champs individual pursuit  last year Josie Knight was covering the kilometre split times close to the times of the runner up in the 2014 Under 23 event.

There is a difference in that the junior pursuit is 2 k and the under 23 is 3k.

However the difference of being a year older and a year’s training should enable a rider to maybe even go faster and hold it for the 3 k.

Junior womens 2k individual pursuit 2014 Name Time Kilometre Split times
1 EGOROVA Daria 2.28.941 1.14
2 Josie knight 2.29.669 1.14
Womens u23 3k ind pursuit 2014
1 KRÖGER Mieke 3:40.502 1.13
2 GONCHAROVA Alexsandra 3.42 1.14

Team Pursuit U23 men

I imagine that this Irish team will be setting the stepping stones for future performances at under 23 and senior level.

They have had a Spanish coach working with them specifically for the last while so hopefully he has them flying.

Something around 4.10 would probably be a very good performance at this stage of their development.

The team pursuit events can produce some signs of progress being made in the squads. See tables below for some 2014 winning times and some current Irish records that I could source.

Last year’s results.

Under 23 men European track champs 2014 Team Time Current Irish record
1 Switzerland 4.04 ?
2 Russia None?
3 Germany 4.07

Junior Mens team pursuit

Its great to see a team in this event as regardless of results the training for it helps to develop very good cyclists.  If they can reduce the current record by a number of seconds it will be good progress.


Junior mens 2014 results Team Time minutes / seconds Current Irish record  
1 Russia 4.09.8  4m 22.798sec


2 GB 4.11.6    
3 Switzerland 4.11..4    
Junior men 2k Individual pursuit 2014 finals Time Irish record?
1 2.13.639
2 2.19.732
3 2.23.571

The other untimed events like the scratch and point’s races are an unknown with some degree of tactics and good bike skills being a factor. As we have seen before the Irish riders can get medals in these events through being good racers as well as having the physical ability.

The team could be looking at finishing the European championships with a number of medals.

Add the Yellow jersey from the Scott Junior Tour of Ireland and it could be a great week for Irish Cycling.

Medal winners 2015 European track Championships here

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