Updated 25th November 2019

Ireland Qualifies four for the Road Race

Ireland has qualified a total of four places at the Olympic Games on the road next summer, with all of the berths coming in the men’s events.

Cycling Ireland will have three spaces to fill on the Irish team for the road race and one berth in the TT event. However, no women have qualified for the road race or TT.

The men in the contention for places for Ireland will include the big five; Nicolas Roche, Sam Bennett, Dan Martin, Eddie Dunbar and Ryan Mullen.

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THeres great News for Ireland chances of qualifying cyclist for the 2020 Olympic road race.THe UCI latest rankings as of 30th September have some good news.

Ireland have gone soaring up the Olympic Qualifying Road cycling rankings. The current rankings for men and women’s places in the Olympic Road Race is looking very good for the men.

Massive improvement for males

Ireland has improved from 33rd on the 25th February to 15th place on the latest ranking of 30th September. See Rankings here

Who got the points

Sam Bennetts great results are a major contributor to the points tally with 1489 Points and a number of other riders have made good contributions as well.

See who got the points Here

Currently three riders would get an Olympic Road race place.

For the women its a bleak picture. and could possibly open up a debate as to why the women are doing so poorly in the rankings. Is there a programme for them targeted towards the Olympics?

Male Ranking Road

At this point in time it looks like three MALE riders are eligible for the Olympic road race.

Female Road Race Ranking poor

THe Irish womens rankings have moved from 68th place on the 13th of May to 59th Place at 30th of September. See ranking here

See who got the points here

Qualification rules

Qualification rules are set out and things can change as the season progresses. Ireland are in a good situation with the male cyclists with a number of excellent professional cyclists capable of racking up points. Qualification Rules

Womens Qualification rankings very poor

The Irish female road cycling Olympic possibility doesn’t look too healthy at all.

With a number of good young cyclists coming through it looks like Cycling Ireland needs to have a more focused plan for women’s road cycling than at present.


Was there ever actually a plan to get road women qualified for Tokyo? If there wasn’t its probably worth asking the question WHY NOT ??

With a bit of imagination and suitable programme the Womens Olympic ranking could improve very quickly.

How about a focus like for the track programme travel the World chasing points wherever they can be best achieved.

Its possibly too late for this Olympics but a change of focus could make a big difference for the following Olympics.

The future depends on what we do today Ghandi

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