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First of all a confession. I am a cycling coach but I have always loved running.

Whether looking at the great international championships races, attending national championships in Ireland or even running a few races when I finished competitive cycling I always found running a very pure form of sport.

Tough on the body

Running is great exercise but can be tough on the body. Building the amount of training required to complete a marathon in your goal time is always a big challenge.

General training methods

Introducing general training methods like gymwork, weights, core strength exercises can produce a robust system that can handle training loads better and recover well from training.

Cross training

Cross training can be another addition that can reduce the loads and and effects of impact of running. Cycling is an ideal cross-training modality for running. A great builder of aerobic fitness and leg and hip strength and a non impact exercise thats easy on the body.Check this article out Cycling and marathon training article 


Recovery is generally quicker from cycling and indeed it can be a great aid to recovery from hard running sessions as well.

Periodisation of training

Periodising your training. If the aim is to have a great Dublin City marathon the majority of your training during the next few months might best be training methods other than running.

For example cycling can be used for Aerobic fitness and leg strength by VERY PROGRESSIVELY introducing cycling on flat undulating routes to hillier routes. some of this could be your commute by bicycle to recover from running sessions.

May June July

Some examples, May June and July could be mostly Strength and Conditioning, cycling, swimming, hill walking with a small amount of running. This period if done correctly will give excellent all round fitness and lay the foundation for stronger running performances in the latter phase of training.

August Sept October

These are the crucial months for specific Marathon training. Following a good running training programme with a correct mix of work and recovery is essential.

Get a great running Coach

Input from  an experienced running coach during this period is essential to a big Marathon Performance. There are some great examples in the Article that I linked to earlier of how those athletes approached this period.

Depending on the level there are also good programmes in magazines. Irish Runnerr magazine usually has a nice simple but very good and successful training programme for beginners.

The KBC Dublin City Marathon site has training programmes by Brendan O Shea 

Cycling expertise

Knowledge is key to consistent cycling success

Whatever approach you take enjoy your training stay injury free and have a great run. 



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