Have your cycling and fitness workouts suffered during the last few months of lock down restrictions? If the Answer is yes!  Plan your comeback very well to make great progress and avoid demoralising setbacks.

Where to begin from?

Regardless of how fit you may have been when lock down began, it’s really important that you now work from your current fitness level. Unless you were able to get regular endurance and strength training your fitness level could be quite low now.

 Make haste slowly

if you work from your current fitness level and plan to do easy cycling at low to moderate distance for the first two weeks your body will recover, adapt and improve.

Rushing into it and doing too much too early will hinder your development as you hit an energy recovery wall and lose enthusiasm for training. Think about! it do too much and it takes days to recover and you won’t feel like going out on the bike for a few days. So, over the week less will be done than if you did easier sessions that allow recovery within a few hours.

Use local circuits

Cycle on circuits close to home so that you can get home before major fatigue sets in. You can also increase the number of circuits as your fitness improves before taking on longer out and home circuits.

Flat Routes

Stay on flat routes for at least a month to get some fitness and pedaling rhythm back into the legs. This will also assist in losing some weight if you have gained some KGs during the lockdown.

Moderate gears

Use moderate gears and cadence that feel comfortable to pedal. This will improve fairly quickly as you get fitter and stronger.

No Pain

If you can get out cycling consistently at a comfortable PAIN FREE effort (talking pace) . This will help you improve quite well and will produce better results than if you cycle too fast too soon.

Faster cycling

Faster sections of cycling could be introduced when your basic fitness improves. This can be as simple as just speeding up to about 80% effort (just above talking pace) for a few minutes a number of times during cycling sessions one or two days per week,

Most important

Enjoy the bike, enjoy the freedom of getting out into nature and getting fit again.

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