Lock down turbo cycling skill development

How to develop racing  and road safety skills while training on the Turbo?

While a lot of the world is in lock down of varying degrees some cyclist’s may be restricted to training and competing on the Turbo in their home..

This period off the road could also be used to improve your cycling skills while using the turbo trainer.

This is a fantastic bonus for cyclists at this time.  Even though it may not be possible to get out on the road. A lot can be done on the Turbo for fitness and race / sportive specific skill development.

If your new to cycling

Developing good Cycling skills will give you a safer and more enjoyable experience when you are back out are on the Road. you can Turn the Turbo sessions into broader cycling development experience and have supper skills for your real sportive or race.

Some of these skills can be practised on the Turbo trainer For example, some of the following can be worked on while training on a turbo / ROLLERS. All it takes is a bit of imagination and organisation. Fill your pockets like its a big endurance cycle and simulate eating and drinking as you could to get through a long race or sportive.

With a little more practise these skills will then be transferable to road cycling when your back on the road.


I have linked to some useful blogs and videos that will give some guidance for working on your skills.


Always follow the turbo manufacturers instructions when setting up and calibrating your turbo trainer. Here’s a nice helpful video Turbo setup

Always work within your competency level and progress through the skills progressively

Slips Trips and falls

Slips trips and falls are the greatest causes of accidents. So have a tidy training area. don’t leave anything lying around where you might slip on it.

Use a towel to gather sweat to stop it damaging your bike and also to avoid a wet floor which you could slip on.

Mounting and dismounting the bike when installed on the Turbo trainer can sometimes be awkward. this is especially so if a cyclist is not so flexible, or if its a big frame and quite raised on the Turbo.

If using something as a step to mount the bike be sure to have something very secure with good grip that won’t slip.

Think about what skills will improve you as a cyclist and practise them regularly.

Enjoy your cycling !!

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