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What Makes a great cyclist?   By Paddy Doran

Giro in Dublin

Quintana laying the foundations of Giro ditalia win on the Coast road between Baldoyle and Dublin city

I have been very lucky over the years that I have been involved in cycling and some other sports as a competitor, coach and masseur. during that time  I  have met and dealt with some great athletes.

Here’s  some qualities That I have observed over the years. Its interesting that when you read them that you realise that so much about being a great cyclist is mental fitness.


I think we also need to distinguish between a good and great athlete, the great athletes sometimes have more on the physical level. But they definitely have a champions mentality which separates the great from the good cyclist!


There are many good cyclists who could be great cyclists if they had the Champions mentality So what makes a great Cyclist? these are some of my observations

  • They love their sport
  • wanting to be a great cyclist
  • Are willing to work to be a great athlete
  • Can work well with people
  • Take personal responsibility
  • Can live with winning or not winning and still get up the next day and try as hard as the previous day
  • Is physically strong
  • Has a strong immune system
  • Is smart
  • Is confident
  • Loves a challenge
  • Will do whatever is required within the rules to be as good as he/she can
  • Will look for the best support possible
  • Has clear goals
  • Can switch on and off mentally
  • Has a good pre event focus
  • Is prepared to be an individual and stand out from the crowd
  • Is able to plan well
  • Has good self discipline and leads a sporting lifestyle
  • Is intrinsically motivated

have you many of them?

Quote:  (Winners make goals / Losers make excuses) Professor Aiden Moran NCT 98

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