As the cycling season ends you might wonder what do I do now? Hopefully you have had a successful year and achieved all your goals.

The end of season is a very important time. How its approached influences how you will perform next season. Get it wrong and you could destroy next seasons performances.

Aim for a smooth transition from the end of this cycling season to beginning training for the next one.

Here are some tips that I would strongly recommend you consider

1 Review your season

Celebrate your successes and learn from any mistakes. A season is usually made up of the highs and lows.
The highs help your confidence grow. So its really important to give yourself credit for the success.
The lows are often great learning opportunities. learn from them and move on
Review all aspects of your performance and take notes for next seasons preparation.

2 Take a break

A break of two to six weeks is essential after your last race. The more difficult the season has been the longer the transition period must be.

When considering the difficulty of the season you should also include studies/ exams or work demands. These will also impact on the stress levels on your body and mind.

At the end of the transition period you should be fully recovered.  Its essential that all residual fatigue from this season is gone before training begins for next season.

3 Maintain some fitness with off the bike activities

Obviously you don’t want to lose all the hard earned fitness you have gained. During the break general fitness can be retained by other activities. A small amount of cycling can be included.


They should be light, relaxing non competitive type activities that you enjoy. Go mountain biking on easy (safe) courses suitable to your skill level.

Go walking /jogging on forest trails or parks. Join an Aerobics /circuit /weights or swimming class in your local gym or school. Try some of the park runs near to you.

How often?

Three sessions a week of mixed activities will retain a good level of fitness

4 Maintain healthy nutrition

Follow good nutrition habits to help recovery and control weight. Good natural foods will help with recovery and ensure you don’t put too much weight on during the break.

5 Treat yourself

There may be things that there’s no time for while training and racing. So maybe some nights out, films shows, leisure walking and biking.

Explore the  new green-ways with friends  Or try whatever your other passions are.

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