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Discover the secrets of how to peak for your most important events. Cycling coaching by a qualified , experienced coach with proven success at elite and club level.

Stronger – Faster – Safer To get that that big performance on the day takes a lot of hard work, implementing the correct sessions and structure of training. It’s great when you get it right. And can be painful and very disappointing when the wrong approach is taken.

So, train like a professional. Whatever your cycling goals, I can help you achieve them with proven training methods. Take no chances, get the best preparation available for super performances.

Maximise your performance, with Peak Endurance Coaching:

  • Climb better
  • Sprint faster
  • Improve your tactics
  • Speed recovery from efforts and races

You’ll never look back!

Pick Your Plan

For cyclists with huge goals

Monthly training plan includes:

  • Analysis of previous training and lifestyle
  • Performance Nutrition Workshop
  • Practical demonstration of sessions
  • Periodised peaking plan
  • Regular reviews of training diary and Communication

minimum sign up for 6 months

€ 125 per month.

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Training plan includes:

  • A Periodised plan
  • Winning Training sessions
  • Training zones, HR Watts
  • Peaking plan

€80 per month

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Club and group workshops and seminars..

  • Understand the principles of high performance training and Sports Nutrition
  • How to improve cycling speed and endurance
  • How to peak for the big event
  • Cost is numbers dependent
  • For as little as €10 per club member

€ 10*

Training analysis Includes

  • Training and lifestyle analysis
    Calorific assessment
  • Sessions to improve speed and endurance
  • Workloads versus recovery
  • Time management

€ 149 one-time fee

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Maximise and retain your results

Prefer to work in groups? Enquire about our club and group workshops, seminars and training programmes

The camaraderie between fellow cyclists is second to none. Club mates can spur you on to achieve more than you thought you could and can make the whole cycling experience more enjoyable. If you’re part of a club that could benefit from a training programme with one of Ireland’s most successful cycling coaches, then look no further.

What’s included?

  • Club training analysis
  • Periodised training programmes
  • Other specifics are included as required

Costs are number-dependent and very affordable so enquire now!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I approached Paddy after reading article on one of the Cycling Ireland websites a few years back seeking some advice. His experience in the cycling world is second to none and I had confidence knowing what he advised was going to put me on the right path. I have improved over the years and it’s people like Paddy who can take some credit for that. As an athlete it is important to surround yourself with positive enthusiastic people and Paddy certainly ticks both those boxes.”

Bryan Mc Crystal


“I am so grateful that I found Paddy Doran. I had been cycling just over a year when Paddy became my coach and within a few short months I was signed to Lotto-Belisol Ladies team. In my opinion Paddy is the ‘go-to’ man in Ireland for anything cycling related.

He has worked with every category at this stage and that experience shows. Paddy is always available for a chat and advice in addition to being a coach. He brought me from a mediocre club level rider to a rider capable of riding competitively in the world championships.

He tailored my coaching specifically to me and he frequently helped me understand myself more as a person and an athlete, which helped me navigate the stressful training period before big races like the world championship.

He is exceptionally calm and straightforward, very patient and I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Siobhan Horgan

Professional and International Cyclist

“I have improved consistently the whole time I have been with Paddy. I started 2015 as an A3 and moved quickly up to an A1 by May. This was all done in the same year I did my Leaving Certificate exam where I achieved 560 points. His structured training allowed me the time and commitment to do both study and training side by side. Before I was with Paddy I was putting in just as much effort but not seeing the benefits.”

Mark O Callaghan


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