Updated 21st September 2019

Cycling sportives are a great challenge and healthy pursuit. Out in the fresh air, cycling through beautiful countryside, surrounded by friends. Coffee and cakes. Magic!

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Physical Fitness

Whatever the distance, a good level of fitness will enhance your enjoyment of cycling. So what kind of fitness is required to do a good sportive?

The main fitness requirement is aerobic endurance. That’s the ability to just keep going at a reasonable speed, to get over hills and recover for the next one.

Here’s Your 7 Top Tips

Here’s 7 tips that will address the main areas that will give you more benefit from your training. Naturally the longer and more difficult the challenge the more training and coaching support required.

1    Improve your group cycling skills

This will save energy as you will get more shelter in groups. It will enable you to get through sportives safer faster and fresher.

Your local cycling club can be the best place to learn these skills.

2   Improve general fitness

Off the bike activities like hillwalking, jogging, rowing can increase your basic endurance.

When mixed with cycling this can give great variety and excellent fitness levels as well as utilise your time well.

3   Train according to your physiology

Always train from your current fitness level and genetic ability. You can use power meters – heart rate monitors or perceived exertion to control the training loads.

Look for training groups of similar ability and goals.

4   Follow sound training principles

Balance training, work, life demands and recovery for improvements

5   Train hard but smart

Listen to your body, keep a training diary

6  Optimum nutrition

Be sure to have good nutrition that supports the training required. Tips here Fuel and Perform

7  Be patient

Be patient with your training and progressive with your training loads.

Don’t miss the 10 Top Tips for Etape du Tour and La Marmotte Sportives

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